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Head Girl's Message

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I remember my first day at Crescent as if it were yesterday. A nervous 13 year old, wary of new teachers and classmates and slightly miffed at being termed the 'babies of Crescent'.

Fast forward a few years and here I stand, at the brink of a new chapter in my life and yes, Pythagoras's theorem isn't going to help me navigate this new adventure. Without doubt my time at Crescent has prepared me well. From life lessons in Accounting to women empowerment in English, all our lessons were filled with colorful discussions ranging from alkenes and alkynes to whether or not we had myopia or hypermetropia. For all of that I thank the most amazing team of teachers at Crescent who didn't teach us from books but from their hearts. Their ongoing support has made me realize that heroes don’t always wear capes!

I can't help but feel nostalgic when thinking about my 6 years at Crescent. Each year was never boring rather an adventure as there was always something new to look forward to: a trip to Ushaka Marine world for the thrill seekers, a visit to the Giba Gorge boot camp (we may have damaged our manicures that day but our spirit never felt more rejuvenated), the addition of our very own astro turf which brought the introduction of inter-class soccer and netball tournaments and of cause this year’s addition of the activity clubs – cooking, art or aerobics, just to name a few. Crescent has given me more than just symbols; it has prepared me for life. I came in as a child and I leave as an adult. I'll be forever grateful to my parents for sending me here and of cause for their ongoing support throughout the years.

Of cause it feels futile to bid farewell without remembering my peers who have made my high school experience one I would look back on and be proud of. All those late nights cramming for the test the next morning, all those books we read and essays we wrote, the friendships we made and broke and all the wonderful and terrible experiences we had at Crescent. The memories I have made with you all will forever remain as a reminder that although the journey may be difficult if you have the right crew it will be smooth sailing ahead.

To the class of 2017, matric is no joke as you'll soon hear over the next year but one thing I'll tell you is to live it with no regrets. Study hard and forget petty grievances, believe in yourself and follow YOUR dreams. Your journey to success begins with just one step.

Basheerah Dhooma
Head Girl 2016

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