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Annual Excursions

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It has become a school tradition to embark on regular excursions which always turn out to be full of excitement and fun. They give learners the oppertunity, in an informal setting, to display and learn leadership skills, comradership and many other important life skills.
The Grade 11 Life Science students visited the Durban Science Museum. The Venue was appropriately chosen as it is related directly to the Life Sciences curriculum. The learners learnt about plant and animal diversity and at the same time celebrated the year of Science.

In the past, frequent Visits have been made to Shongweni Dam Boot Camp, the Agricultural show in PMB, the Mthunzini Nature Reserve, the Giba Gorge, Science Centre, the Sharks Board and Last but not least, the Ushaka Wet 'n Wild. The school has selected these venues as it represented a wide variety of life experiences and brings out the best in every learner in some way or other. Due to the success of the excursion the school aims to continue with such programs for years to come.....

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