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Mariam Rasool (Class of 2004)

"It is with very fond memories that I reflect on my schooling career at Crescent Girls' High School.  Here, I was offered quality Islamic and secular education by a band of hardworking and dedicated teachers, who put their hearts and souls into nurturing us.  

I graduated with a B Com Accounting degree at UKZN and successfully passed my board exam on the first attempt,  Alhumdulillah.  I worked for a short period at Deloitte in Dubai and is now currently  employed as an internal auditor for the First Rand Group.  I believe that my success can be attributed to the amazing work done at CGHS.  I am grateful to the school and the members of staff for the invaluable life skills, knowledge and values they have instilled in me.  My advice to the learners of CGHS - ‘Hard work and Endurance are most important.  Never stop learning as there are no short cuts to success.’   I wish the school, its pupils, staff, teachers and principal all the best for the future and hope that many more will benefit tremendously from this as I have.

Ahdilah Osman. (Class of 2005)

"I've been told many times that, "your years at high school will be amongst the best of your life." In retrospect, there could not be any more truth to those words; my years at Crescent Girls' High School are a testament to that statement. It was the perfect environment to learn, form lifelong friendships, improve on my spiritual walk in life and learn valuable life lessons.  It is at school that I have etched in my mind the most valuable and fondest memories.  

I have completed a degree in B Com Accounting and am currently completing my articles at an auditing firm, Alan H English.  My years at Crescent has helped me lay a strong foundation that has enabled me to pursue my goals and dreams, Alhumdulillah.

Nadia and Naeeda Sacoor. (Class of 2006)

"The six years we spent at CGHS was an amazing part of our lives which we only realize now after going through the stages of metamorphosis in life.  Alhumdulillah we can proudly say that Crescent has taught us to become the women we are today with Islamic morals, values and ethos.

Inshaa Allah we will instil the same principles in our children, the future flag bearers of Islam.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our teachers for guiding and preparing us to conquer the real world.  We have shared wonderful memories together which will always remain in our hearts. It was an honour being students to wonderful, caring teachers.  May AllahI bless you all for the hard work and dedication because you all were truly our mothers at school."

Nazeera Paruk (Class of 2006)

"It's been six years on already, but my days at Crescent are still clear in my mind.  Through the grace of AllahI I am now an Optometrist at an established franchise.  Crescent has given me the foundation that was required to enter and succeed at University.  I would never forget the dedicated teachers who were always willing to assist us, even sacrificing weekends just to make sure that we were thoroughly prepared for our tests and examinations.  At Crescent we were lucky to receive an invaluable Islamic education  and an excellent academic one that really geared us up for life as Muslim female adults.  I also remember the fun we had attending and participating in the many educational, Islamic and cultural programs, not forgetting the lifelong friends that I've made throughout my five years at Crescent. To the current learners, remember that the recipe for success is Salaah and hard work.  To the wonderful teachers that played the role in my education, I am extremely grateful for the knowledge and motivation that helped me  achieve what I have this far.  I wish Crescent Girls’ High all the best for the future, may you grow from strength to strength, Inshaa Allah."

Raeesa Doolarkhan (Class of 2009)

"As head girl of Crescent Girls' High School, it was a privilege and an honour to be a part of this prestigious school. Our caring and dedicated teachers equipped us not only with academic knowledge but also with many life skills that enabled us to develop into independent young women and  to face the world with confidence.  May the school continue to be successful. Regards to all."

Yajna Gurdayal (Class of 2009 - 3rd year Medical Student UKZN)

Congratulations on 15yrs!
The hard-working and dedicated educators of CGHS have helped mould me into the person that I am today, by building on the values I had been taught at home.
Crescent equipped me with the self-confidence and determination that allowed me to overcome challenges and excel, not only in high school, but through my tertiary education as well.  For me, Crescent is a home away from home.
May every pupil who passes through the doors of CGHS gain the knowledge and wisdom that I received over the years."

Aneesah and Nazeerah Kajee. (Class of 2009 & 2010)

"We look back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers of CGHS; their warmth, patience, exceptional sacrifices beyond the call of duty and strong faith that gave many a student the confidence, courage, strength and appreciation to pursue their dreams.  Indeed the teachers at CGHS are like candles- consuming themselves to brighten the lives of others-their students!"

Aqsa Hasan Khan (Class of 2011 - Studying Bcom Accounting at Westville Campus of KZN)

"It may be safe to say that at some stage of our schooling lives we wished that school would just be over and that we were in the real world.   When you get to university you discover that whatever academic work you had learnt in your 12 years of schooling would be revised in the 1st month of campus or even less and you suddenly ponder, what did I go to school for?  

Crescent had taught me more than I had realized, moulded my personality and defined me in a way that made me different to the people around me.  School is more than an academic learning foundation, it made me who I am and who I will be.  Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something.  If you have a dream, you must protect it, you want something, go get it, that's all its ever going to take."

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