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About Us

The Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat Trust established its educational arm "The Islamic Educational Organisation of Southern Africa" commonly known as IEOSA, in 1985.  The primary objective of the organization is to provide quality Islamic Education.  Alhumdulillah, "IEOSA" has over the years taken on many challenges like the establishment of the Crescent Girls' High School.

This project was once the vision of the organization's founding member Hajee Ahmed Mahomed Lockhat , who, with the help of the learned scholar, Moulana Aboobaker Khatib passed the following resolution in 1952:
"This conference recognizes the necessity for the provision of separate Schools exclusively for girls to impart both secular and religious education from late primary to at least the secondary stage. The principle of religious and secular education as recommended to be given concurrently in Boys School shall equally apply to Girls' School."

This resolution came to fruition in (Ramadaan 1418) January 1998 when the school opened on the temporary premises in Cato Manor, Mayville, Durban. The urgent need and demand for educating females in an 'all girl's’ Islamic school gave rise to the establishment of the school.  Thus the Crescent Girls’ High School became the first all girls' school to be registered with the Department of Education and Culture in the Durban and surrounding areas.  It was established in January 1998 and the school opened its doors to the first group of learners.  We ask AllahI to continue to Bless Crescent Girls' High School and all associated with the school, Aameen.

"IEOSA" in conjunction with the Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah Saudi Arabia) then embarked upon the epic project of building the permanent school in Parlock.  Alhumdulillah, the school then welcomed its first group of learners in January 2001 into its new, spectacular site which provides a safe, secure and tranquil setting.  
Alhumdulillah, in keeping with the latest trends, Crescent Girls’ High School has specialists rooms for Physical Science, Life Sciences, Consumer Studies a fully equipped I.T. room, Mathematics Laboratory, a Wudhu and Jamaat Khanna and its very own multi-purpose hall which caters for workshops, graduations and seminars.  The school provides quality Islamic and Secular education for girls of different economic backgrounds and is rated amongst the top 70 secondary (high) schools in South Africa.  Although, unannounced subsidy cuts since 2009 and the economic recession have placed a great strain on our budget, it has always been the aim of the Trustees to keep school fees affordable. .   

Thanks and appreciation are also extended to the Department of Education for its support in the establishment of the school.  We also say ‘JazaakAllahu Khairun’ to the first principal, Mrs. Z. Asmal (1998) and Mrs. A. Agjee (2000 - 2007) who played critical roles during the formative years of the school.  

We also wish to place on record our sincere gratitude to various sponsors viz. Darul Yataamah Wal Masakeen, the institute of TIBB, Darul Ihsaan and to others who wish to remain anonymous.  May Allah I reward you for your generosity - Aameen.  To our parents/guardians, your support to the school is noted and together we can ensure that our learners receive maximum benefit from this institution.

We ask Allah I to accept our humble efforts and guide us towards providing quality education for our learners, Aameen.

Qari A.Y.Lockhat

Member Trustboard

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