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SAGSA Conference

The South African Girls’ Schools Association held its annual conference in Stellenbosch between 22 & 24 May 2013. I attended the conference. The theme for the conference was ‘The Little Foxes in our Vines’.
Donald Grant, the Provincial Minister of Education Western Cape opened the conference. Some of the topics that were presented during the conference focused on:

  • Barriers to learning (Jennifer Southgate – Director of Mind Stretch)

  • Life skills education (by Ebsabe Aldrich – Motivational consultant)

  • Curriculum in high schools and e-learning (Penny Vinjevold – Head of Education in the Western Cape)

  • Communication (Editor, Die Burger)

  • Marketing Strategies (Dr. J.C de Villiers – Business Consultant)

The above topics were not only interesting but also stimulated much conversation. I had an opportunity to meet principals from throughout South Africa and look forward to networking with them.

First Aid

Three educators (Miss Z. Mansoor, Mrs Y. Naicker & Mrs A. Rahim) attended a one day training course in First Aid (organised by NAPTOSA). They gained both theoretical and practical training in aspects of First Aid. Some of the topics covered were:
Administrating CPR,
Treating panic attacks and asthma attacks,
Treating burns and cuts,
Stemming bleeding.
Inshallah, the First aid skills that they aquired during this one day training session will be invaluable to the school.

Training Workshop for CAPS

During the winter vacation, all educators teaching in the GET band and FET band (Grade 11 & 12) will be attending training workshops for CAPS. The workshops will equip our educators with the necessary skills to implement CAPS in 2014.

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